The Lore of the Turtle

Katherine Jetter's signature turtle represents nature and specifically her love of the Great Barrier Reef. She adorns the symbol as a tribute to her home country’s tremendous natural landscapes, and draws strength from a creature long considered a bearer of luck and longevity. The designer maintains a belief in the preservation of earth and the importance of global participation in protecting wildlife. Her turtle reflects these values.

Explore the wisdom the Turtle has to share by clicking on different sections of its body.

large turtle Turtle Lore 1: (The earth) Turtle Lore 2: (To protect, enlighten and give luck) Turtle Lore 3: (The zen of the turtle)
Turtle Lore 1:
The Earth
Native American's saw the turtle as the symbol for Mother Earth. She would care for, protect, and nurture mankind as long as the same was done for her. True until this day, the turtle still reminds us that we must see the connection to all things, big and small. Just as the turtle is one with its shell, we are one with the earth.