Katherine Jetter was born in Melbourne, Australia. Whilst remaining Australian at heart, she spent most of her youth in England, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, hence speaks fluent German, French, and Italian in addition to beautifully Australian-accented English.

Exhibiting creativity at an early age, Katherine was awarded the top International Baccalaureate Art Prize for the Northern Hemisphere in 2001 while attending SevenOaks School in Kent, UK.   Her parents applauded her accomplishment with a petite, beautiful blue opal for which Katherine created a simple elegant ring setting. This pretty little stone enhanced her appreciation for the stone of her homeland; the Australian Opal.  Inspired to pursue a future working with stones Katherine still went on to acquire a Bachelors Degree in Clinical Psychology from University College of London and followed that with a solid foundation in finance by securing a position at JP Morgan.

Even with her vast education and experience, Katherine never lost her passion for her design, stones, and fine jewelry – as well, as her love for her homeland.  At this juncture, she attended the globally renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and became certified as a Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer. Katherine ran with this new knowledge and began putting her expertise to use by working for various international, high-end designer jewelers including De Beers.

After settling in New York City, Katherine created her company;   Katherine Jetter Ltd. A self-made entrepreneur and now internationally recognized fine jewelry designer, Katherine Jetter started her career and funded her first line making custom engagement rings. In those early days, each piece sold would buy materials for the next piece. Fast forward nine years and Katherine Jetter is traveling the globe, sourcing exquisite rare gems from Brazil to Australia, working with master stone setters and creating one-of-a-kind pieces for high-end clientele all over the world.

Upscale boutiques nationwide carry Katherine Jetter’s jewelry, but as the reputation of her timeless yet innovative luxury designs has spread, new and returning clients also seek out custom pieces and design experiences with Katherine, a service she also offers her retailers and their clients.  Katherine also owns and operates her own seasonal boutique in her hometown of Nantucket, MA. The Vault is a multi-line, couture, fine jewelry store curated by Katherine with the very best collections in designer fine jewelry.

But, most importantly, Katherine is a loving mother. She and her daughter, Dylan, love spending time together at their home in Nantucket. In addition, Katherine is an avid chef, philanthropist, entertainer, deep-sea diver, and accomplished mountain climber having scaled the heights of Machu Picchu and Mt. Kilimanjaro.